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ETS Supervision Width Gauge ETS Supervision Width Gauge

Extensive experience in the steel industry and especially Hot Strip Mills has made it possible for ETS SuperVision to produce a width gauge providing excellent measurement accuracy, reliability and low price, but without all the in - conveniences of existing gauges.

The ETS SuperVision width gauge provides a full stereo - scopic view of the product in the harsh environment of today's Hot Strip Mills. The stereoscopic view assures an accurate measurement no matter the position of the bar or strip in the field of view.

Features include:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Accurate and repeatable measurement
  • Factory calibrated or calibration on the customer's premises
  • Excellent and "simple to use" diagnostic tools
  • Logging of historical measurement data
  • Short commissioning times and excellent after sales service, contribute to low cost of ownership.

The latest technology has been incorporated enabling a measuring rate and accuracy second to none. Flexible data storage enables the customer to investigate trends and update the width control models in modern Hot Strip Mills. Some key design concepts of the equipment oer the end user flexibility in installin , including retrofitting into most existing enclosures, ease of maintenance and reliability of operation throughout the years to come.

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