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Hot Strip Mill design

Defect images Supervision SI A detection toolbox is delivered in order to quickly
choose the best sensitivity for each product type.

SI Camerafor Hot Strip Mill (HSM) provides high accuracy defect maps of hot rolled materials on 100% of the surface. Defects are detected and identified whatever their sizes and location, even on the edges.

Full image access is available for both real time and off-line review. Defect images are shown and stored along with maps. It is also possible to store specific areas like heads or tails.

Thanks to a compact optical design, our equipment can be installed at the exit sections of an HSM with minimum mechanical modifications.

Typical implementations are at the exit of the finishing mill or before coilers. They include one LED lightbar and one or two linear cameras per side. A bottom side lightbar can be located underneath two rolls of the roll table.

Each stage of information processing has been carefully crafted, yet remains easy to adjust so that the highest level information is both accurate and reliable. Finally, an automatic coil grading module helps decision making.

A data reliability assessment is provided with each coil map to help quality teams focus only on a few Surface Inspection Reports.

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