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RIO Gauge RIO Gauge Electrical Cabinet Main screen showing dimensions, graphic display & trends RIO Gauge

The RIO high precision bar and rod profile measurement gauge offers the best of the latest-generation optical technology evolving from many years of experience and know-how. The gauge also incorporates the very latest computer technology and software systems. The advanced integrated cooling system enables hot mill temperature profiles to be measured accurately and reliably.

The system comprises:

  • Measurement Gauge Unit – specially designed to continuously withstand the harsh environment commonplace in rod and bar mills.
  • Operator Station – providing a graphical profile image with all relevant product dimensions.
  • Electrical Cabinet – housing ancillary devices, with motor controls and temperature monitor.
  • Special Armoured Cables – between the Measurement Gauge Head and Electrical cabinet.

Using a high quality rotating optical system with collimated light from an LED source and high resolution single-line camera, the measurement gauge achieves excellent precision and reliability, even when the bar is vibrating.

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