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Furnace Vision Cameras Furnace Vision Cameras Furnace Vision Cameras Furnace Vision Cameras

Latest series of highly robust water-cooled and air-purged cameras, specifically designed to provide 24/7 maintenance-free operation with clear visual access to very high temperature (up to 1,600⁰C or 2,900⁰F) industrial applications including slab, billet & bloom reheat furnaces, foundries, rolling mills, pottery kilns and glass manufacturing equipment.

Within the heavy gauge stainless steel housing, a high quality, high resolution, low noise intelligent digital colour camera with automatic gain reliably and continuously captures the images. Dual water cooled jackets and a separate vortex-cooled airstream, exiting through the recessed front aperture, ensure excellent clear vision even under the most arduous of environments.

All four connection points (Water-IN/OUT, Air-IN & Electrical Signals) are all positioned to the rear of the camera body for ease of access.

An embedded temperature sensor continuously monitors the internal temperature and provides a warning signal (via the interface control box) should the camera temperature rise above the normal operating range.

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